Chad Elston

Summary of Experience

Note: items marked in green indicate a high level of experience or specialty.

Web/Graphic Design

XHTML, JavaScript, CSS2 Design, Web Standards, PHP 5, Flash CS3, Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Graphic Design for web, Illustrator CS3, ColdFusion MX, Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress (modified as a CMS). Use of Firefox extension development/design tools such as Firebug, FlashTracer, FireShot, IE Tab, and ColorZilla.

E-Marketing/Rich Media Technologies

Flash Banner Development for various ad Platforms (Dart Motif, Atlas, Eyeblaster, Ripple).

Flash Technologies

Advanced ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0, APE (ActionScript Physics Engine), Tweener, TweenLite, Flash Develop, adept at and familiar with OOP methodologies employed by Actionscript.

Beta Testing

Flash game bug reports, iPhone game bug testing and design reports.

Digital Video, Sound, and Image Production

Autodesk Maya 7.0, Adobe Premiere Pro, Shiva, Adobe After Effects 6.0, Sonic Foundry - Vegas Video, Propellerheads Reason 2.5, Pro Tools, Colour Darkroom Developing, Installation Work, Basic Sound Editing, DVCPro Camera Operation, MiniDV Camera Operation, DAT Recorder Operation, Professional Microphone Operation, SLR Camera Digital and Analog Operation.

Professional Experience

2007 - 2009 : E-Axis Inc.

Position Title: Flash Developer

Brands Worked With:

Kellogg’s, Froot Loops, Bell, Special K, Eggo Waffles, Frosted Flakes, Smuckers, CBCF, Herbal Essences, Cheese Strings, Visa, Affresh, Future Friendly, Johnny Walker, Five Alive, Playtex, Polly Pocket, E*Trade, 24 (TV Miniseries), KIA Motors, Teletoon.

Agencies worked with:

John St., Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett, Canwest, Corus

Banner Ads

(Expandable, big boxes, leaderboards, top layer ads, etc.)
Platforms Used:
Dart Motif, Eyeblaster, Atlas, Pointroll.

Asset preparation (image slicing, bitmap optimization, vector reproduction & optimization, font matching, etc.)
Expert at file size optimization methodologies.
Adept at animation, frame sequencing, character animation.

Flash Game Development

Artwork (Photoshop CS3, Illustrator, Stock Photography)
Level design for projects such as:
”YTV: Cheesy’s Ultimate Race”
Toucan Sam Pinball game

AS2 and AS3 coding for several projects.
Worked with APE physics engine, as well as various other AS2 game engines.

Game Design Documentation

Dante’s Conundrum” - Wrote story, characters, and expanded upon existing game mechanic.

Creative Services

Brainstorming sessions on new projects.
New corporate website design & layout ideas.
KIA 24 “Win Your Soul” contest game ideas.
iPhone game proposals.
Responsibility of selection of audio and stock photography for use in games and other projects.
Design suggestions and proposals for new projects.

Web Design & Graphic Design Services.

New re-design coding (Site not yet launched).
XHTML Markup, forms, some integration with PHP.
Translated design from Photoshop layout to code and markup.
Laid out and planned table less CSS2 design and XHTML structure.
Cross-browser testing (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE).
Used CSS2, XHTML, and SWF Object for client banner presentations.
Designed, proposed, and updated official corporate Twitter profile.

Content Management and Microsite updates (English and French) completely AS2 driven.
Required frequent modifications to AS2 code.
Some minor design additions as well.
Headed several projects such as as well as entire Flash Ad campaign for
Worked with Flash UI components (AS2, editing, use of, and creation of).

Beta Testing Services for Flash and iPhone games/Apps.

Tested “Jimmy Two Shoes” Flash game. (Promo for TV show).
Tested “Polly Pocket” Flash game.
Tested Frosted Flakes “Helmet Designer” microsite.
Submitted bug reports.
Worked with team for design suggestions and solutions.

2007 - Present : Soto New Media/1777118 ONTARIO LTD

Freelance Web Design (CMS, CSS2, PHP, XML, XHTML).
Flash Website Development.
PHP scripts
Image editing, photo editing.
Flash Development AS2.
Helped implement Joomla CMS extensions.

2005 : CE Awards Ceremony Flash Presentation

Commissioned by Prof. James Warrack.
Flash AS2 presentation.

2000 - Present : Geometrix Global Inc.
Design with Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, PHP.
Designed wordpress themes from scratch, also modified existing themes.
Modified PHP back-end to operate Wordpress as a CMS.
Designed layout, content management services, Flash development, etc.
Promotional graphic design (digital posters, logos, event postings, etc.)
Designed layout, content management services, logo, Flash development, etc.
Character Design, promotional artwork.

Volunteer Work

2005 : “Easy” Theatre Production Promotional Services

Part of the 15th Annual Toronto Summerworks Theatre Festival.
Website design and production.
Graphic Design
Logo, imagery, posters, ads.

Educational Background

2006 : International Conference on Asian Comics, Animation & Gaming

@ York University.

2002 - 2006 : Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Majoring in New Media.
Ryerson University.

2005 : The Montreal International Game Summit 2005


Intermediate Japanese.

2002 & 2007 : Toronto International Film Festival